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The pen is mightier than the sword only if the sword is very small and the pen is very sharp.
The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett

Friends only, but all fic is public.

I am ridiculously afraid of RL people finding me, so there's nothing about me here, just fandoms and the like. I am over 18, and from London.

Friend away for fic, but please introduce yourself if you'd like me to return it.

Real-life is basically all that is friends-locked; all fic is and always will be outside of friends-locks regardless of rating or content.

I write about the little people, mostly. It's more fun that way.

Quick fandom insights;

Artemis Fowl | Bartimaeus Trilogy | Black Magician Trilogy | The Chronicles of Narnia | Discworld series | Good Omens | Harry Potter* | Lord of the Rings | Old Kingdom Series

A Knight’s Tale | Hairspray* | High School Musical | The History Boys | Little Miss Sunshine | The Matrix* | Pirates of the Caribbean | Sherlock Holmes 09* | The Social Network* | Speed Racer* | Spiderman | Star Trek XI* | Star Wars | X Men*

Band of Brothers | Being Human | Doctor Who | FlashForward | Generation Kill | Heroes* | Hustle | Life on Mars* | Merlin* | Scrubs | Sherlock | Star Trek: TNG | Supernatural* | The Mighty Boosh | Thunderbirds | Torchwood*

* I have been known to scribble a little something for these.

Credit where credit is, indeed, due.
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