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Star Trek Big Bang: On A Day Like This [Master Post]

Title: On A Day Like This
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Length: ~42k.
Rating: NC-17 for sex.



First and foremost, staraflur, for being a wonderful support ever since day one. Her and her overly pedantic ways have been so much help to me; thank you for everything you've done.

Thanks to acetamide, for pointing out my over-exaggerated love of the semicolon, for staying up till crazy times and pointing out all my flaws till my eyes bleed.

Cheerleading trophies go to lastling and princessezzy, alongside foxing and acquiescence_.

To the latter two; thank you for both your amazing contributions, acquiescence_ for the gorgeous art I can stare at for ages and still notice new things, and foxing for battling cross-country runs, uncommunicative authors and general fuckery to exceed the bounds of fanmix.

To the lovely people at Memory Alpha; keep being awesome. (And to Google; thank you for the frankly awesome map of the ST universe you dug out for me.)

And of course, to my flist, who always hears me gripe on about these things; here's the result.

ALSO. There are a grand total of 4 different allusions/homages explicitly in there. Find them all and I'll give you... idk. Porn? Cookies?

aforementioned gorgeous art ; aforementioned awesome fanmix

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven
At AO3
Tags: character: bones mccoy, character: james kirk, fic, fic: on a day like this, film: star trek xi, pairing: kirk/mccoy
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