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(STICKY) fic master list

To be found here: anything which doesn't make my eyes bleed. If there's something that's vanished from this list, it will still be on my journal (check the tags) or my ff.net account.

Harry Potter

Abeyance   »   Percy/Oliver   »   3,500 words
In which Oliver keeps on living.

mobile vulgus  »   Percy/Oliver   »   5,300 words
“I’ve never been in hiding before,” Oliver says absently, his smile vacant. “Not even during the War. You-Know-Who didn’t have much interest in Quidditch captains, not even Gryffindor ones.”


One   »   Peter/Sylar   »   871 words
It was with one person, at one place and in one moment he could become Gabriel Gray.

High School Musical

Don't Tell Sharpay   »   Chad/Ryan   »   1,300 words
Ryan likes lying to his sister.

The Matrix

Interlude   »   Smith/Neo   »   1,200 words
Thomas is fucked and he thinks the Matrix has you, Neo as he comes blind and scrabbling.

The Rules Which We Abide By   »   Smith/Neo   »   700 words
"Tell me, Mr Anderson. How do you describe colour to the blind man?"


Arachnophobia?   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   300 words
The infallible Arthur Pendragon was on a chair because of a spider.

Death, Love and Everything In Between   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   13,000 words
"I don't know, Merlin. I just want to go on an adventure!"

Inebriation   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   1,700 words
You see, there were parties.

Of Hangovers and Haplessness   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   300 words
You're probably going to get me killed for this, you know. Sequel to Inebriation.

Reading Between the Lines   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   200 words
"You said what?!"

Recklessness   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   3,500 words
If there was one thing Merlin had learnt about Arthur, it was that he was very good at getting captured.

Secrets, Lies and Compromise   »   Merlin/Arthur   »   150 words
Arthur has a secret, and it's one he'll never tell.

Pirates of the Caribbean

A Peculiar Nuisance   »   Jack Sparrow/James Norrington   »   8,500 words
James Norrington woke up, which is always a pleasant surprise, especially seeing as he was supposed to be dead.

He Fell Behind   »   Jack Sparrow/James Norrington   »   2,000 words
The cretin's eyes laughed at him as he realised as he had a million times before, whether it was with cannon, pistol or sword, he was long past the point of being able to kill Captain Jack Sparrow.

Wheel of Fortune   »   Jack Sparrow/James Norrington   »   4,300 words
No matter what Elizabeth said, going back to that damn locker to save someone who hadn't exactly made his life 'peachy' was not the right thing to do. So why the hell was he doing it anyway?

Sherlock Holmes 09

Enigma  »   Blackwood/Coward   »   1,200 words
To impress Lord Coward is Henry's constant, unachievable goal.

Those Halcyon Days  »   Blackwood/Coward   »   21,200 words
It was London, 1881, and it had barely begun.

Vivify   »   Blackwood/Coward   »   3,200 words
“Are you afraid of me, Nicholas?” Blackwood asks, and Coward shudders.

The Social Network

[untitled]  »   Mark/Eduardo/Chris/Dustin   »   3,100 words
At times like this, Mark always scowls at all of them, as if he’s trying to decide who he hates the most. They respond by making it a game between themselves of who can make him lose control.

[untitled]  »   Cameron/Eduardo/Tyler   »   1,800 words
It never fails to amaze the two of them how much he’s always ready for it.

Run With the Wolves, Shout It Out Loud  »   Mark/Eduardo   »   1,100 words
The venue’s packed, but people still keep coming.

I Never Did Anything Out of the Blue  »   Mark/Eduardo   »   1,300 words
Normal sex is certainly not arranged by Facebook invitation. He’s sure Eduardo gets great pleasure out of the irony in that somewhere, but all he can figure is the joke’s on him.

Speed Racer

A Certain Misconception   »   Inspector/X (elements of dub-con)   »   2,100 words
Everything has to have a beginning.

A Ghost at Thunderhead: Coda   »   Rex/Speed (not shota), mild Sam/Dean   »   5,400 words
Who you gonna call?! (Crossover with Supernatural.)

Curiosity   »   Speed/X, Inspector/X   »   1,900 words
This, the Inspector Detector had to admit, wasn't a situation he was too used to.

Divine Intervention   »   onesided Speed/Dean, Sam/Dean, Speed/X   »   600 words
Speed believes in angels. His is called Dean. (Crossover with Supernatural.)

Hero   »   minor Spritle/Sparky, Speed/OMC, Speed/X   »   12,000 words
That was the first night Speed got stoned.

Genesis   »   Inspector/Rex Racer   »   4,800 words
He'd destroyed the boy's life and he'd be damned for it.

The Morning After the Race Before   »   Sparky/Speed   »   230 words
"I'm so sorry, Sparky," Speed said quietly behind him.

There's Something to be Said for this Future   »   Rex/Taylor, X/Inspector, X/Taylor   »   4,600 words
"Racing's not been right for years, Rex. It doesn't matter whether you're good at it or not. This is the only way you're ever going to win."

The Usual Suspects   »   Sparky/Speed   »   3,600 words
Normality is, of course, subjective.

Vindicated   »   Speed/Dean, Sam/Dean, Speed/X   »   17,500 words
It was cheesy, and cliché, but it was genuinely true that it was the best night of sleep Dean had had since Sammy had been sleeping next to him.

The schizo!verse

A Means to an Escape   »   Rex/Inspector, X/Speed, X/Inspector   »   2,300 words
In which it becomes apparent that sharing a body can go hideously wrong.

Exhaustion   »   Rex/Inspector   »   1,200 words
In which Inspector Detector is not a vampire, and Rex does not jump anyone.

Irony   »   Rex/OC   »   1,300 words
In which Rex’s backstory becomes evident, and Casa Cristo takes on a new irony.

Star Trek XI

Another One Bites the Dust   »   Kirk/McCoy   »   1,500 words
Jim's got a very good head for faces.

O Captain, My Captain   »   Kirk/McCoy   »   4,000 words
Twice in as many nights. He could tell Jim was going to be hard work.

On a Day Like This   »   Kirk/McCoy   »   42,000 words (Big Bang 2009)
Everybody knows Jim Kirk's the hero. But if he's not there, nobody else picks up the slack. This is what happens to the universe when Jim's not around to save its ass.

Ruffles and Flourishes   »   Kirk/Chekov/McCoy, Chekov/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy   »   5,000 words
Logic sucks in the face of working out who your Ensign's sleeping with.

Temptation   »   Kirk/McCoy   »   2,000 words
There is one rule about Bones’ medical equipment, and that is very simple.


(several crossovers can also be found in the Speed Racer section)

I'd Rather Have Lemon and Sugar   »   Sam/Dean   »   800 words
Dean's views of 'good’ and 'bad’ sometimes confused even his little brother.

X Men

Limitless   »   Scott/Logan   »   340 words
They made an agreement, a long time ago.

The Far Side of Redemption   »   Charles/Erik   »   5,800 words
It will bring no peace to either of them, wishing for what they cannot have.

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